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Technology and Engineering

UMBC offers a wide range of programs for technology and engineering professionals serious about advancing their careers. The university's seasoned faculty members draw upon real work experience to deliver learning opportunities students can immediately apply in the workplace. At UMBC, students develop career-building connections with faculty members and peers, while they pursue credible academic credentials that equip them for leadership roles. By learning to spot emerging opportunities and leverage skills to achieve their corporate missions, UMBC students have earned the respect of many of the region's leading employers, including Northrop Grumman, NASA, Procter & Gamble, and Lockheed Martin.

Online Master's of Science in Information Systems

Available entirely online, the Online Master's in Information Systems gives graduates a competitive edge in career advancement. Students apply new skills and methodologies (including information assurance and security) well before graduation. They study under highly accredited faculty members in a research environment and receive the same degree as the on-campus program.

Master's of Science in Information Systems

The on-campus Master's in Information Systems (MSIS) program is perfect for people with -- or without -- degrees in IT. Students sharpen their problem-solving and business communication skills. They learn from top faculty members while gaining relevant skills in a research environment. They graduate from a school ranked among the nation's leaders in granting IS degrees.

Master of Science in Human-Centered Computing

The Master's in Human-Centered Computing (HCC) is the first program of its kind in Maryland. HCC is interdisciplinary in nature, building on significant strengths within the Information Systems Department and incorporating course work from the Visual Arts Department. Students come from many career disciplines, including IT, marketing, psychology, and design. At its core, the HCC curriculum centers around topics and coursework in the following areas:

- Accessible Computing -- broadly defined to include issues associated with disabilities, age, culture, and other relevant topics.

- Human-Information Interaction -- focusing on information behavior and the design of user interaction methods to support that behavior

- Social Computing -- exploring social behavior as it relates to computational systems and evaluating the various environments therein


UMBC's cybersecurity graduate program reflects the interdisciplinary nature of today's cybersecurity environment. Students develop the technical proficiency necessary to advance to leadership roles in government or the private sector and can leverage a wide range of technical and non-technical courses to meet their personal or employment needs. They gain a thorough understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals with the solid core curriculum, and learn from influential experts within the government, military, and commercial sectors.

Master's in Professional Studies: Cybersecurity

The MPS: Cybersecurity Program prepares IT and other professionals to fill management and leadership roles at government and commercial institutions.

Graduate Certificate in Professional Studies: Cybersecurity Strategy & Policy

The Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity provides students with essential domain knowledge required to work effectively as part of an operational cybersecurity organization.

Master's in Professional Studies: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

UMBC's Geographic Information Systems program targets the next generation of GIS professionals, those who have fundamental understanding of the importance of geography as well as advanced knowledge of the technologies involved in the development of geographic systems. Students focus on computer science, information systems, and analytical aspects of GIS and learn demonstrable skills in planning, implementing, and managing enterprise geographic information systems. They can take advantage of the diverse and outstanding expertise of professionals and academics from the capital region.

Developed and guided by industry leaders, this program combines technical coursework, project management and reflection on the past, present, and future of the geospatial technology industry, to create experts with the unique competencies needed to keep pace with this rapidly emergent industry.

Engineering Management

The Engineering Management graduate programs combine a practical business approach with in-depth technical concentrations. Students develop high level technical skills in specific engineering or IT fields and prepare themselves to lead teams, projects, and processes.

Master's of Science in Engineering Management

Taught by a dedicated faculty of highly experienced practitioners, UMBC's Master's of Science in Engineering Management program offers flexible schedules to accommodate the needs of busy working professionals.

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management

The Graduate Certificate program provides engineering and IT professionals with the essential skills they need to manage and lead projects, become effective communicators, understand legal and ethical issues in engineering, and analyze financial data for effective decision-making.

Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering graduate programs provide the core knowledge, techniques and tools required to manage complex systems and customer needs. Students learn to develop operable systems within a full systems engineering life cycle, including concept development, architecture, design, build, test and integration. They leverage the tools required to communicate complex systems to industry and emerge as leaders in their fields.

Master's of Science in Systems Engineering

UMBC's 30-credit, non-thesis Master's degree program in System Engineering provides students with the knowledge and skills systems engineers need to assume leadership roles in the management of complex systems.

Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering

The Graduate Certificate program in Systems Engineering provides students the core processes, techniques, and tools they need as systems engineers. All 5 core courses in the certificate program can be applied toward an MS in Systems Engineering or an MS in Engineering Management.


UMBC's Biotechnology graduate programs bring business fundamentals and management practices to the biosciences curricula. Students gain the knowledge and skill sets essential to manage biotech products and technologies. They develop the acumen necessary to transition from bench research to corporate management.

Master's in Professional Studies (MPS): Biotechnology

This 30-credit master's degree program provides advanced instruction in the life sciences, along with coursework in regulatory affairs, leadership, management, and financial management in a life-science-oriented business.

Graduate Certificate in Professional Studies: Biotechnology Management

This graduate certificate provides a foundation in management and business practices needed within the biotechnology field. All credits earned in this program may be applied to the Master in Professional Studies (MPS) Biology degree.

Graduate Certificate in Biochemical Regulatory Engineering

This certificate program provides an in-depth exposure to key areas associated with bringing a biological product to market under the FDA approval process.

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Programs in Technology and Engineering

College of Engineering and Information Technology
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Baltimore, MD

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    • Biotechnology Certificate
    • Computer And Information Systems Security Master's
    • Engineering Management Certificate
    • Geographic Information Systems Master's
    • Human-Computer Interaction Master's
    • Information Science Master's
    • Systems Engineering Certificate
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